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On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Randolph Chung wrote:

> Right, but how does it follow that you don't have a single database for
> both the questions and the answers? (the current debconf does this...)
> Perhaps I still don't understand what you are getting at.

I mean that mDebConf has an intern database, where it saves the questions
and the answers. And when mDebConf advises some FrontEnd to ask an
question, this frontend can look into some external database on some
server or the boot-disk or whatever and give it back to mDebConf, which
includes in its own database, where it waits for some program to use it.

I currently think about mDebConf beeing able to communicate with several
frontends the same time.
It is very easy to have several frontends after each other (only one at a 
time), that stop when they do not know further and the next frontend can
process the next questions. (For example, the first frontend ask some
bootserver for the ip and server name, the next uses some database on the
server and the next just ignores anything and leaves the defaults
But then the questions have to be asked in an order that allows these
On the other hand, we could allow several frontends to run the same time.
So mDebConf askes frontend 1, who only know ip and Name, if he can not
answer a question, we ask the next an so on.

This would it make easy so have some kind of profile, as some frontend
could just answer the questions that can be found in this frontend and 
otherwise the next frontend is asked, which asks the user.

Bernhard R. Link

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