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Re: bad press at www.linuxworld.com

On Fri, Sep 15, 2000 at 02:43:25PM +0200, Van Buggenhaut wrote:
> > > > - Identify themselves as the debian rescue floppy which is certianly
> > > >   confusing if you don't read documentation.
> > >               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > 
> > > Imagine my sympathy. This is someone passing himself off as a reviewer,
> > > but he can't be bothered to read the docs?
> > 
> > One thing not so clear is the location of rescue disks and the documents for
> > a person new to debian.
> I agree with this. Location of rescue disks is really hard to guess.

The potato CDs have the Installation Manual in a (more or less) intuitive


The top-level README.html file also links to the Manual in a straightforward

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