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bad press at www.linuxworld.com

This is a pretty nasty review of the installer


"I know. I can't be critical of Debian because it is an all-volunteer
effort and all of the software used is pure, free, and unfettered. Sure,
installing it may be a little harder than learning to speak fluent
Manchurian in three weeks of summer school, but hey, it's no problem for
a real geek, right? 

Wrong. The Debian install sucks. This distribution is supposed to be the
poster child for free software; it should be on an FBI Most Wanted
poster. It's horrible. It is the worst OS install I've ever seen. It may
be great once it's installed, and APT may be the world's finest tool for
adding and upgrading applications, patching the kernel, and keeping up
with security issues. But I can't say -- I can't get that far."

We may have a long way to go before please people at this level....

"the greatest victories are for the battles fought the hardest" -

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