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about modules in the installation process

from cvs.debian.org
> Modules
> -------

[big snip]

> Unlike regular debian packages, modules for the installer will not be
> policy compliant. They will not contain documentation in /usr/share/doc.
> They need not comply with the FHS. They may be statically linked. They may
> conflict with essential "real" debian packages, and thus be non-installable
> on a real debian system, although it is recommended that if possible, this
> be avoided.
suppose to name the boot version of the ash package (i said *suppose*) like
ash-boot_someversion_deb. we make it conflicts with the real package but
we make the real package upgrade it, so the little and malformed installed
debian box will be automagically converted to a sane one by dselect or whatever
package installer, maybe adding a boot-upgrade param to let postinst understand
it is upgrading a reduced version of the package. i don't know how to make
dselect know it is upgrading a boot version of the package...

> [ Detail where the modules will go in the debian archive, and any way they
> can be distinguised from "real" debs. ]
these packages should not be in the main archives but maybe a repository for
the boot-needed beasts could be set up for boot maintainers. i think that
boot beasts could get out of multi-binary sources, so their maintainers
will receive lots of bug from the boot staff in order to make that beasts
tailored for the boot process. of course maintainers for these critical packages
should be *good* maintainers, not like me sitting somewhere around in nm queue.

> Modules will not be installed by a full-fledged dpkg implementation, so the
> following features of regular debs will not be supported:
the new full-fledged dpkg should recognize the boot packages from the
full-fledged ones

> [ This is not set in stone, but let's not implement this stuff unless we
> need it. ]
> 	- pre-dependancies
> 	- preinst, postrm and prerm
> 	- conflicts
> 	- versioned dependancies
> 	- provides
> 	- essential or required packages
> 	- suggests
> 	- recommends
> 	- `|' in dependancies.
> The following will be supported:
> 	- simple dependancies
> 	- postinst
> 	- debconf
this sound very reasonable, since these packages would be used with *more*
care by the boot developers in order to lighten as much as possible the
disk space overhead.

just trying to help... :)

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