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Re: about modules in the installation process

Domenico Andreoli wrote:
> > 
> > Unlike regular debian packages, modules for the installer will not be
> > policy compliant. They will not contain documentation in /usr/share/doc.
> > They need not comply with the FHS. They may be statically linked. They may
> > conflict with essential "real" debian packages, and thus be non-installable
> > on a real debian system, although it is recommended that if possible, this
> > be avoided.
> >
> suppose to name the boot version of the ash package (i said *suppose*) like
> ash-boot_someversion_deb. we make it conflicts with the real package but
> we make the real package upgrade it, so the little and malformed installed
> debian box will be automagically converted to a sane one by dselect or whatever
> package installer, maybe adding a boot-upgrade param to let postinst understand
> it is upgrading a reduced version of the package. i don't know how to make
> dselect know it is upgrading a boot version of the package...

Um, the modules are not intended to be installed anywhere other than the
installer's ramdisk, really.

It makes sense to make as many of them as possible install onto a full
debian system w/o conflicting or doing anything nasty, because it should
aid debugging and maybe have other uses (we discussed this 2 or 3 weeks
ago). But I don't think we need to worry about making the ash module deal
with all this.

see shy jo

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