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Re: bad press at www.linuxworld.com

from the secret journal of Steve Greenland (stevegr@debian.org):
> Imagine my sympathy. This is someone passing himself off as a reviewer,
> but he can't be bothered to read the docs?
> Now, there are definitely places where the install could be improved,
> (this is news?), but I'm really tempted to ignore people who can't be
> bothered to read the owners manual. This is an operating system, not a
> toaster.

the problem is, this is an operating system that is 95% the same as a dozen
other operatings systems. many people who have installed or used linux
before probably don't think that debian will be THAT different than suse or

debian is different, and i think better, but a lot of what flashes up on the
screen during install needs to be rewritten.

one complaint that caught my eye, " I wondered why the installer didn't
already know what my CD interface was, since it had been reading from it for
several minutes." he's got a point, but i can't say as i've even read the
source for dbootstrap, so enough complaining from me.

Jacob Kuntz

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