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Re: redesigning the debian installer

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Massimo Dal Zotto wrote:

> Ideally the auto-installation should be completely non-interactive but it
> may ask the installation profile name and some vital information not
> supplied in the profile.

 Completely non-interactive is an point.

>   2) on each target machine:
> 	boot the installer
> 	select the auto-installation option

But please: Also some possibility, that you do not have to enter something
there at all. (I do not have something against an option there, that you
can switch von non-automated to automated, but please do not forget an
fully automated)

I want to be a able to sit on my server, ssh to an client, say: 
bootp (or whatver) this image of the base-installer you get from server A
(perhaps even install.debian.org :-) using the database on server B,
whithout needing to leave my seat and walk to the client!

> A second option would be starting it from the boot prompt:
>   boot: auto-install PROFILE=workstation HOSTNAME=debian01
> and in this case the initial menu should be skipped.

Yes, like this way. But without the need of an bootprompt
(But I think the env-variables could also be entered
with some remote-booting tool, perhaps an remote-loadlin would be cool)

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