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Re: redesigning the debian installer

> Massimo Dal Zotto wrote:
> > In my slink automatic installer I used snarf to do network installation
> > from http and ftp. It is quite small and works very well.
> > I also wrote a cp-like command which can copy files and directories from
> > a real filesystem path or a remote url. Very handy for install scripts
> > since you don't have to know from what type of media you are installing.
> > I recommend this approach.
> I think it's more or less identical to the retreiver approach.
> > I would also suggest that all installer features could be called also as
> > unix commands, i.e. no internal commands which can be use only from the C
> > code.
> The only things I think we might want to use libraries for are installer
> UI's and hardware detection code.

This ok, provided that the internal primitives can be used also from the
unix prompt.

Massimo Dal Zotto

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