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Re: redesigning the debian installer

> I rather wish I'd seen the beginning of this thread so I could gain
> some context.  I'll see if I can find it at the archive so I can be
> better educated, but for now I'll try to offer my comments as is.
> I should introduce myself first.  I am the operations team lead for
> AuctionWatch.com (the .signature is for my side project; I have
> interests in Debian besides those of my employer's, but they don't
> necessarily conflict).
> Currently we're using Red Hat Linux because of its kickstart
> installation process.  I'm not terribly thrilled with Red Hat for many
> other reasons, but I am quite fond of Debian.  However, with Red Hat I
> can install 100 search servers in under 15 minutes.  Currently there
> is no easy way to accomplish the same feat with Debian; it is my
> intent to help offer advice and comments that hopefully will lead to
> an unattended installation process for the next release of Debian.

I agree. This should be one of the priorities of the new installer.
Automatic installation could be used for both mass installation and
newbie installation.

I suggest that the installer configuration and installation are done
in separate and independent steps so that one can configure one or
more installation profiles, store them on a floppy or remote server
and then run automatic installations without any further prompting.
I would like to have an initial menu with three options:

	1. configuration
	2. installation
	3. auto-installation	

I would like also to have the possibility to store installation
profiles as debconf databases on a floppy or another locations,
and to be able to provide a set of configuration files created in
advance for each machine, for example hosts, groups, exports, etc.
and not to be prompted when the required information can be found
in those files.

Massimo Dal Zotto

|  Massimo Dal Zotto               email: dz@cs.unitn.it               |
|  Via Marconi, 141                phone: ++39-0461534251              |
|  38057 Pergine Valsugana (TN)      www: http://www.cs.unitn.it/~dz/  |
|  Italy                             pgp: see my www home page         |

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