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Re: redesigning the debian installer

Massimo Dal Zotto wrote:
> I suggest that the installer configuration and installation are done
> in separate and independent steps so that one can configure one or
> more installation profiles, store them on a floppy or remote server
> and then run automatic installations without any further prompting.
> I would like to have an initial menu with three options:
> 	1. configuration
> 	2. installation
> 	3. auto-installation	

You're essentially suggesting that we don't use debconf.

Ok, I'm open to that suggestion. What does this method give us that
using a debconfish scheme does not?

(By way of comparison, if you use debconf, you don't really have a menu
of choices like this. Either debconf has been pre-seeded with the
answers to questions, or it prompts you for answers. Either way, it
remembers the answers, which can be used to pre-seed a later automated

> I would like also to have the possibility to store installation
> profiles as debconf databases on a floppy or another locations,
> and to be able to provide a set of configuration files created in
> advance for each machine, for example hosts, groups, exports, etc.
> and not to be prompted when the required information can be found
> in those files.

That's what debconf is all about, really.

see shy jo

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