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Re: redesigning the debian installer

"Michael S. Fischer" wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 12:48:36PM +1100, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> > Debconf should be able to solve problems for mass and non-interactive
> > installs.
> >
> > debconf has an option for non-interactive installs by using the default
> > value.
> Could you please define "default value" for me?  Is this a default
> value supplied by the .deb--which in many cases we'll want to override
> non-interactively?  Or are you referring to some other "default value"?

Debconf itself is configured to prompt for questions based on a priority
of how important the questions is.
(e.g. to reconfigure debconf do "dpkg-reconfigure debconf") if its set
to non-interactive debconf wont ever prompt for user input.

debconf will first query its database or already answered questions, and
if it doesnt find anything there it does use the value defined with the
packaging (the vlaue defined in the package is the one will most likely
want to override).

So in doing mass installs its a matter of sharing already answered
questions from your master machine with other target install machines so
they dont use the default value that has been provided by the package as
its most liely going to need to be changed.

The thing is not all debconf values for one machine are applicable to
other slave machines, so its only for certain questions that you want to
share your answers.


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