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Re: redesigning the debian installer

"Michael S. Fischer" wrote:
> > Joey Hess wrote:
> > > Since retrievers are debian packages, they can have a postinst that is
> > > run to set them up.
> > > During setup, they may need to prompt the user for
> > > information (using debconf). For example, a nfs retriever will probably
> > > need to prompt the user for a nfs server name. [ I'm not sure that doing
> > > such setup in the postinst is a good idea. ]
> I think it is vitally important that the postinst will be able to
> accept some sort of file in lieu of interactive input so that the
> package will be able to be configured non-interactively.
> DHCP can assist the installer with determining the location of such
> information.

Debconf should be able to solve problems for mass and non-interactive

debconf has an option for non-interactive installs by using the default

if dhcp used debconf then network discoveries it makes could be shared
with other packages.

For mass installs if all machines are the same it should be possible to
build a debconf database on one machine and share its values to all the
other drone machines.

Even though we dont have a small debconf it will have to be compatable
with the existing debconf so issues such as setting up debconf scripts
for dhcp clients or kernel modules could be done anytime.

Sharing debconf databases isnt possible even with the proper debconf so
i guess its a fair way off.


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