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Bug#70944: boot-floppies: (i386) installation of lilo should warn/ask about lba32 usage

kju@debian.org writes:

> Although this is a clear bug in lilo i don't think that the boot-floppies
> should make such important decision (using lba32 or not) without asking
> the user or at least warn him, that the new code might be unstable. This is
> especially true, as this new code *is* unstable, it was introduced recently
> first.

Probably a good point.

> I'm questioning the way this new code found the way into a stable release,
> but this is not the point here.

Yeah, well, no one in this group really controlled what went into
Potato or not.  First complaint I've heard though.

> The code is buggy and should either be
> replaced with a bugfixed version of lilo or the user should be asked about
> this.

That should be filed as a bug against lilo, not boot-floppies.

> Most user will still place /boot below cylinder 1024 so they won't
> need that feature. I think this feature should not get used by standard
> before longer testing of it. 

You might be right -- looks like a warning should be put up, at least.

> I'm not sure about the severity of the bug. I was about to file it as
> important, but i will file it as wishlist for now, although it is my
> opionion that it should be important and fixed as soon as possible.
> I finally found that error but many people might not get the idea
> what may be wrong and will simply toss debian.

Well, first we've heard of the problem, as far as I know, so I don't
know that a lot of people are hitting it.

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