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Bug#70944: boot-floppies: (i386) installation of lilo should warn/ask about lba32 usage

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 20000905
Severity: wishlist

This bug is against the latest potato boot disks. These boot-disks include a
new lilo which can boot beyond cylinder 1024. I'm not sure why this lilo is
in potato, as i'm very sure that these feature was introduced after freeze.
However: Normally this feature works great, but recently i came across
a machine where it blatantly failed. I searched for half an hour until i
came across this. After i removed the 'lba32' keyword and reinstalled lilo,
everything worked.

Although this is a clear bug in lilo i don't think that the boot-floppies
should make such important decision (using lba32 or not) without asking
the user or at least warn him, that the new code might be unstable. This is
especially true, as this new code *is* unstable, it was introduced recently

I'm questioning the way this new code found the way into a stable release,
but this is not the point here. The code is buggy and should either be
replaced with a bugfixed version of lilo or the user should be asked about
this. Most user will still place /boot below cylinder 1024 so they won't
need that feature. I think this feature should not get used by standard
before longer testing of it. 

I'm not sure about the severity of the bug. I was about to file it as
important, but i will file it as wishlist for now, although it is my
opionion that it should be important and fixed as soon as possible.
I finally found that error but many people might not get the idea
what may be wrong and will simply toss debian.

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