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Re: Install doesn't find internal atapi zip 250

unai <unai@posta.unizar.es> writes:

> It's about installing on a zip 250. kernel 2.2.17-idepci find without
> problem the internal zip 250 drive (/dev/hdb). Partitions, filesystem
> and mounting are done without problem from the command line, but the
> installation finds only the harddisk (/dev/hda). There is no CDROM.
> Installation works correctly after mounting in /target. Only keyboard
> configuration doesn't hold (It can be another problem...). I don't know
> if it's a bug or removable atapi devices are considered different...

No, those should work -- I'm suprised.   Can you file a bug?
Include /proc/ide/hdb/media in the bug report.

If you're a hacker, look at autodetect_cdrom in choose_medium.c.

> Network installation is really fine (early, DHCP,...).

Excellent.  What version of the boot-floppies were you using?

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