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Bug#71243: boot-floppies

Package: boot-floppies

May be i missed something, but after some years of debian
it still needs floppies to do the installation.

This is not only impractial but sometimes even impossible.

Two examples:

1) I've a server hoisted in the US, but i'm located in Europe.
    Do you really want me to fly to the server and put in a floppy
    just to do a fresh debian installion? Or to bother my provider
    to do so?

2) I'm running the reiserfs. And i want to create a partition with it.
    So, the boot floppies do not help much.  even do not need them
    at all, because i have a running system (as in the case before)
    in another partition. But i have to plug them in anyway.

This means, i can only workaround, creating a ext2 partition locally,
boot with the floppies provided, tar the newly created installation,
remove this partition and then do what i really want to do.

Could one create an installation procedure _without_ floppies,
please? Why does the bootstrap installer does only run from
floppies? Any reason?

Thanks, Lars

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