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Bug#70798: Install doesn't find UDMA 66 harddisk

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2r0
architecture: i386
model: Gigabyte
memory: 128
scsi: none
cd-rom: ATAPI ? - doesn;t matter here
network card: 3com Fast Etherlink 3c905c-tx
pcmcia: none

Both harddisk and cdrom are connected via Promise ultra dma 66. I've used
floppies to boot the correct kernel (udma66). The kernel found the
harddisk correctly, as /dev/hdg. However, the install utility said there
is no harddisk. I've used the command line utilities to partition the
harddisk, etc. and finally mounted ext2fs partition to /target. Then I've
chosen to restart install utility and it worked correctly from that point.
So the only problem seems to me that install assumes that if there is no
/dev/hda, there is no harddisk (?).

Hope it helps to make Debian even better. 

Tomas Kalibera

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