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Re: a suggestion

Jon Pennington <jpennington@atipa.com> writes:

> > I would relish covenient clear instructions on how to make such a
> > CDROM.  Right now, we have complete images, and we have floppies, but
> > no instructions for making a simple boot-floppies-only CDROM.
> As would I.  3.5" CD-R media is becoming very easy to come by, not to
> mention the fact that they are much faster and more reliable than
> floppies.  Ideally, the CD would contain the entire boot floppies tree
> for a given platform (i386, PPC, AXP, etc.), but boot with a fairly
> generic kernel.  Is this doable with Potato?

I will be trying this out tomorrow.  The plan is to use debian-cd to
build a Debian CD with the boot floppies but a totally empty package
list.  We will be installing a friend's new PC and he asked me to help
him use Debian, and so it's a good thing for us to try.

I will report back on my experiences.


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