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a suggestion

I received a business-card-sized CD-ROM of slink boot floppies from
linuxcare, perhaps you've seen it.  It was a pretty nifty item.

I would relish covenient clear instructions on how to make such a
CDROM.  Right now, we have complete images, and we have floppies, but
no instructions for making a simple boot-floppies-only CDROM.

Also, the instructions tree at cdimage.debian.org suggest that if you
are installing on one computer, and you have a fast free network, you
should use boot floppies.  However, the installation instructions
strongly advocate against boot floppies.

I believe that the installation instructions are right here, but the
solution is to have a method of such a mini-CD: it would be easy to
install (without the perils of floppies) and also not require the
expense of copying a CD image.


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