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Re: CALL FOR HELP : debian boot floppies 2.2.15 on apus still not ok.

Sven LUTHER wrote:

> i give the corrct place in the requester, and dbootstrap tries to loop mount
> the rescue.bin image to fetch the kernel and the modules, and fail.

Should drivers.tgz be in rescue.bin? It's not.

If the config.gz in rescue.bin is the config of the kernel you use, it does
indeed include the loopback device and vfat.

> Now the strange thing, is that when i continue the installation stuff and
> reboot with the same kernel on the partition just installed from the base
> tarball, i can mount the rescue.bin image with the exact command given
> above.
> Thus i suspsect the problem lie with the root.bin image. or maybe the
> dbootstrap mount command.

That's a strong indication. BTW what's the fs type of root.bin supposed to be?
I can't mount it here.


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