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Potato install: problems loading lp.o module

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > - Some modules dependancies are not resolved automatically.
> >   Noticeably lp is not loaded if I don't load parport_pc
> > manually.
> That probably means depmod wasn't running properly.  Can you test with
> the the images at http://www.debian.org/~joeyh/bf ?

The problem is still there. It seems that lp.o depends on
parport_pc.o and "depmod -a" is unable to figure it out.
I write "it seems" because after modprobing parport_pc and lp
(which installs three modules), the status of lsmod is the

Module      Pages  Used by
lp                 5188   0 (unused)
parport_pc         7236   1
parport            7280   1 [lp parport_pc]
af_packet          6032   0 (unused)
unix              10212   1

So parprot_pc seems to be unused, but it is busy if I try to
remove it.
On my old Debian 2.1 upgraded to kernel 2.2.13, lp modprobes
fine, loading only parport.

May be it is not boot-floppies specific? Something changed in the
modules? Can someone test lp module of kernel 2.2.17 in a
different environment?

Niccolo Rigacci

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