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Re: [snewt,gnewt] New CVS modules created.

>  I noticed that there is a slot open in the "gnewt/src/" directory for
>  a framebuffer front end.  That one would be a cool little project for
>  someone... perhaps O'ksi'D already has plans for that, and perhaps
>  some codes written down?  I'm still in the "thinking about it" stage.

I was thinking about framebuffer but I've not done any code.
I've discovered the Nano-X Project a small X-Window like server. 
( http://microwindows.censoft.com/ ) It uses the framebuffer under
Linux. Two toolkits are ported to Nano-X, GTK+ and FLTK. FLTK port
seems to be more advanced. I'm thinking to rewrite gnewt using FLTK
( http://fltk.org ) because it is faster and smaller than GTK+. But
FLTK doesn't yet support multibyte characters. So I'm waiting, and
working on a new non-internationalized project to learn FLTK



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