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[gnewt] Are you using a version control system?

 I'm a member of the Debian `boot-floppies' team.  We are reviewing
 `gnewt' for our installation system's GUI.  Our current installer
 (`dbootstrap') uses an Slang Newt interface already and if we extend
 the system to support a graphics mode install as well, using `gnewt'
 would really simplify the job by allowing us to use the same back end
 code with every front end GUI.

 There is not enough room on a rescue/root 1.44Mb floppy set for an X
 server and the `gnewt' and GTK+ libraries, but on a CD-ROM, Zip-100
 or LS-120, there is room for it, and therefore, it is possible that
 for some configurations, it will be doable.

 Already, work is underway to make `newt' UTF-8 freindly, &c.  I,
 personally, am an American of Swedish/Irish descent, and cannot read
 anything but English and some computerese at this point, so won't be
 much help with that.  The people doing the bulk of the
 internationalization work hang out in #debian-boot on irc.debian.org,
 and in the `debian-boot@lists.debian.org' mailing list. (smartlist,
 with the usual -request address for subscription).  Both the mailing
 list and IRC channel are open.  We'd really like to have you on the
 team!  You can find out from the other team members more about the
 recent work they've done with `newt' and the `libutf' stuff.

 I downloaded your `gnewt' .deb and the tarfile, and ran `lintian' on
 the .deb.  It revealed several packaging errors (things in
 /usr/local/*, &c.) and I thought I'd see if I could help you fix

 I just got ahold of a copy of `bitkeeper':


 ... and thought I'd give it a try, and see if it's better for this
 than CVS, which we've been using to assist in shared development of
 the `boot-floppies'.  I'm not sure about `bk' just yet...  Since
 `gnewt' is a LGPL package, I am fairly certain that BitMover will
 allow us to use `bk' free of charge, if we decide to go ahead and use
 `bk'; otherwise, we can just stick with CVS.

 Which brings me to the question in the subject line.  Do you keep
 `gnewt' in a version control repository already?

 I also think that the `Slangmsg' (maybe Slang the lang itself also?) 
 and `newt' ought to be tossed into the same repository.  (Red Hat
 won't get angry, I'm certain...  as long as we don't keep it a secret
 and we share our work with them) (Perhaps the `bk' distributed
 repository model would work well for this sort of project?  We need
 to find out more about it.)

A few months in the laboratory often saves several hours at the library.
mailto:karlheg@debian.org (Karl M. Hegbloom)
irc: nick karlheg on irc.debian.org

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