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Re: [woody,debinst] `genext2fs', loop-dev and fakeroot?

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

    Ben> On Sat, Jun 17, 2000 at 02:22:10PM +1000, bug1 wrote:
    >> Ben Collins wrote:
    >> > 
    >> > Also, I'm looking into a program on freshmeat called genext2fs that can
    >> > create ext2 images from a directory (and using an optional device list for
    >> > devices) as non-root. Would be very nice for woody boot-floppies, IMO.
    >> > It's a single .c, so could go into utilities if it doesn't get packaged.
    >> > 
    >> Im a bit slow sometimes, how would it be used by boot-floppies?

    Ben> To create rescue.bin and root.bin without being root (IOW, without
    Ben> mounting a loop filesystem, etc...). Basically you copy all the files to a
    Ben> directory, and run the program, and it will create an image that mirrors
    Ben> that directory (and it creates everything as root.root, no matter what the
    Ben> perms are in the dir).

 If it could be made to work together with `fakeroot'...

 What if a loop filesystem could be set up to be `fakeroot' to a user?
 Can a good kernel hacker make us one like that?

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