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Re: [woody,debinst] (Was: Re: [dbootstrap] `newt' and `boxes.c', `bogl' and `bowl'[, `???' and `boxeX.c'?])

On Fri, Jun 16, 2000 at 09:44:31PM -0600, Erik Andersen wrote:
> On Sat Jun 17, 2000 at 01:29:43PM +1000, bug1 wrote:
> > >  Red Hat's `libfdisk' contains a partition editor with a `newt'
> > >  interface.  It might be possible to port it to our system and hook
> > >  that into our Woody `debinst' `dbootstrap'.
> > > 
> > What about parted, it doesnt have much a of a GUI, but it wouldnt be
> > hard to do i dont think.
> > I think the ability to resize existing partitions (non destructivve
> > install) is one most users would really like.
> Agreed re parted.  I think a cool project would be hacking a GUI similar to
> cfdisk into parted...

Better get parted to support more than just msdos partitions before we
even thing of using it in boot-floppies :)

Also, I'm looking into a program on freshmeat called genext2fs that can
create ext2 images from a directory (and using an optional device list for
devices) as non-root. Would be very nice for woody boot-floppies, IMO.
It's a single .c, so could go into utilities if it doesn't get packaged.

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