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2.2.12 bf on athlon 600


i had the chance to install debian on an athlon 600 and had some
problems with it. some major, and some minor problems:

* as i wrote in another mail with the bf for alpha from dhd, the
  refereshing rate when fetching base over the lan is way too
  frequent, i.e. you can't see at what speed you are acutally

* pcmcia with the 2.2.15 kernel seems to have some dependency
  issues: when i reboot the system i get loads of unresolved
  dependencies but solely with pcmcia stuff.

* speaking of modules: after i install the drivers and want to
  configure, say, the eepro 10/100 i get a installation failed
  because there is no modules.conf in /target/etc/. after copying
  this file from /etc to /target/etc everything works fine.

* when i create a user and i enter the password twice differently
  i start from the beginning (i.e. entering a username) and doing
  the whole stuff again. but the problem is that i don't know
  _why_ i got back to the beginning, i.e. i can't see a window
  pop up which tells me that i didn't enter the password correctly.

* my athlon came with 128mb ram but all the kernel is detecting
  is 64 mb. so this kinda sucks, because it means you have to
  alter your lilo.conf manually to get it working. well i don't
  know if this is much programming effort to detect the actual
  amount of ram and alter the lilo.conf accordingly but it should
  be mentioned in the docs that you have to edit your lilo.conf

that's all :).

so long

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