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Re: Need to make my own bootdisk, driver-disk and base-install


to make your own Boot-Floppy-Set (9 Floppys for SLINK), you need 
the Debian-Base-Installation and more then 50 Packages. 
The Packages have around 60 MBytes and Installed around 200 MBytes.

If you try 

apt-get install boot-floppies

you will get some error-messages about packages not found...
The Packages are there but the Packages file is incorrect !!!

I have copied all neccesary *.deb to one directory (don't ask me 
about the time) and had created my own Packages file... 

I will put all on a zip100 and install it on a new 540 Mbyte harddisk.
I do not like to have this bunch of packages on my Workstation.


At 18:42 14.04.2000 +0900, Junichi Uekawa you wrote
--------> This was the original Message:
>In 12 Apr 2000 22:47:00 -0700, de profundis
karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com (Karl M. Hegbloom) cum veritas scribat
>karlheg>  You can get the `boot-floppies' package and learn to build your own
>karlheg>  boot-floppies, I guess.  For Woody, it would be good to make it
>karlheg>  easier for people to build boot disk sets with custom kernel and
>karlheg>  driver sets.
>Is it just me?
>I can't seem to install boot-floppies.
>(and the bug has been filed against it for some while)
>~> apt-cache show boot-floppies
>Package: boot-floppies
>Version: 2.1.12
>Priority: optional
>Section: admin
>Maintainer: Enrique Zanardi <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
>Depends: libc6-pic (>= 2.0.7v-1) | libc6.1-pic, slang1-pic, makedev
>, newt0.25, newt0.25-dev, popt, zlib1g, zlib1g-dev, recode, make, gettext,
>, m4, lynx (>= 2.6), debiandoc-sgml (>= 1.1.29), man-db, libpaperg,
tetex-bin, t
>etex-extra, libwww-perl
>~> apt-cache show debiandoc-sgml
>Package: debiandoc-sgml
>Version: 1.1.12                 
>Priority: optional              
>Section: text                   
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Linux rebootet man in drei Fällen: 
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Aber Windows rebootet man auch in drei Fällen: 
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