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Re: Mitsumi CD and penguin logo on compact boot disks


thanks for the responses.

On Wed, Apr 12, 2000 at 12:16:26AM -0700, Randolph Chung wrote:
> > 1. It seemed to me that my Mitsumi CD-ROM drive was not
> >    supported by the rescue disk.  I had first to use the
> >    driver disk.  It would be nice to have either the mcd.o
> >    or the mcdx.o driver directly in the kernel.
> Built in modules cause all sorts of problems. I'm not sure we'll be able to
> do this. For woody we need to look into a different initrd-based solution,
> but for now I'm afraid we won't be able to support these older CD-ROMs as
> built in modules.

What kind of problems?  Aren't IDE and SCSI in the kernel,
too?  It would be very good, if only one diskette for
Debian installation would be needed instead of three!  I'm
not sure, but didn't we have boot diskettes with Mitsumi CD
support in `bo' or `hamm'?

> > 2. At boot time a penguin logo appeared and the text-mode
> >    was switched from standard 25x80 to 30x80!  I don't know
> >    the use of the logo and the uncommon textmode, but it
> >    seemed to me, that this is the cause of two problems:
> This is not really an "uncommon textmode"; it's the framebuffer feature in
> the kernel. 

Ah, I see.  I never used it, so I didn't know it.  In my
kernel config (menuconfig in 2.2.13-2) the framebuffer
support is marked as experimental.  Why do we need
framebuffer support on the installation disks?

> Can you tell me what you get when you run the "fbset" command? (If you don't
> have it yet, it's in the fbset pacakge). We might be able to do something
> about that.... 
> >    a) In `vi' (elvis-tiny) the first five lines are always
> >       garbled, also sometimes in `less' etc.
> hrm, you need to do "stty rows 30"

Sorry, doesn't help.  Nor does `export LINES=30'.  Btw.
after a while (using different programs, e.g. console-apt, and
switching between different VCs) it works suddenly.  Magic.

> >    b) Worse, the xserver-svga seems to have problems when
> >       switching from the uncommon 30x80 to graphics mode,
> >       when you have an ET4000/W32P chip.  This is already
> >       documented in README.Tseng or so.
> try: "fbset -xres 640 -yres 480 -depth 8" before running X and see if that helps.

No.  The command as written gives me an error message:

ioctl FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO: Invalid argument

With a depth of 4 or w/o the -depth argument, there's no
error message, but the problem w/ running X remains.  It
seems now to me that the X problem is not related to the
resolution, after I've installed a new kernel w/o
framebuffer.  Sorry for the confusion.

So two questions remain: Is there any reason not to support
mcd/mcdx in the installation kernel and why is there
framebuffer support?

Thanks!  Cheers,
W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org>

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