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Re: m68k boot-floppies

> Well, it does not seem to work like this. Who knows whats going on in the
> keymap code?

Sven mentioned a problem with the keymap code that he said he fixed in
CVS. It's not about bmap vs. bmp but about an additional path component in
the keymaps.tgz archive I think. The error message is bogus. 

>         sprintf(prtbuf,
>                 "zcat /etc/keymaps.tgz | tar -xOf - %s/%s.bmap | loadkmap",
>                                                           ^^^^
>                 prefix, choices[rs].tag);
> #ifdef _TESTING_
>         problemBox(prtbuf,"Test Box");
> #else
>         if ( execlog(prtbuf, LOG_INFO) != 0 ) {
>           vaproblemBox(_("Keyboard load error"), 
>                        _("Error loading the keymap %s/%s.bmp from /etc/keymaps.tgz"),
>                                                          ^^^
> Now which is the correct name, bmp or bmap? And which should keymaps.sh

.bmap, that's what the zcat command asks for. The .bmp in the error
message is bogus. Change the error message, and look for Sven's message on
that subject.


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