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Re: m68k boot-floppies

On Tue, Apr 04, 2000 at 12:38:15AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > I edited keymaps.sh to create .bmp files, not .bmap files, otherwise I can
> > not load a keymap in dbootstrap.
> Committed?
Well, it does not seem to work like this. Who knows whats going on in the
keymap code?
Problem: when I select a keymap, I get the message <keymap>.bmp not found,
so I changed keymap.sh to create .bmp files. But this does not seem to work
either, I think I made a complete rebuild (6h) after this change.
When I look at utilities/dbootstrap/kbdconfig.c I am a bit confused:

                "zcat /etc/keymaps.tgz | tar -xOf - %s/%s.bmap | loadkmap",
                prefix, choices[rs].tag);
#ifdef _TESTING_
        problemBox(prtbuf,"Test Box");
        if ( execlog(prtbuf, LOG_INFO) != 0 ) {
          vaproblemBox(_("Keyboard load error"), 
                       _("Error loading the keymap %s/%s.bmp from /etc/keymaps.tgz"),

Now which is the correct name, bmp or bmap? And which should keymaps.sh
create? Is the name used anywhere else? It would be good if it matches in
all locations, so I could find out _how_ to fix this...
It does not work without any changes, and it does not work when I change
keymaps.sh to write bmp files. keymaps.tgz contains now bmp files, I was
unable to loop mount root/resc bin, so I do not know what is actually looked
for. Can somebody with a clue please put some light on this?


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