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Re: current sparc boot-floppies status

Ben Collins wrote:
> FYI, I have added the tftpboot-noultra.img back in boot-floppies. They
> will show up in 2.2.9. Also, I removed the sun4c stuff since it seems the
> problem that it was supposed to fix still exists. I'm trying to remedy the
> IPC/IPX problems by checking a newer silo (which I'll have to file as an
> RC bug if that fixes the issue).

Thanks Ben.
Btw, it might be better to provide one tftpboot image per subarch
(tftpboot-sun4cdm and tftpboot-sun4u for instance) instead of tftpboot.img
which almost work on all machines but very old hardware and
tftpboot-noultra.img for the latter.
Since the user does already have to choose the set of bootdisks from a subarch
directory when she/he want to boot from floppy, it is in no way more difficult
to pick the tftpboot image from the same place.
Such scheme will save disk space (about 2MB) because our regular tftpboot image
currently provides both sun4u + sun4m + root.bin (all compressed) and the
-noultra provides one sun4m (bigger because uncompressed) + root.bin
(compressed) but the alternate organisation will only contains one sun4u(gz) +
root.bin(gz) for tftpboot-sun4u image and one sun4m(gz) + root.bin(gz) for
tftpboot-sun4cdm.  Moreover, it will also reduce boot time due to the minimal
size of the images.

On this topic, the latest tilo from RedHat does not seem to support multi-arch
boot image anymore.  Now they provide one tftpboot image per architecture.  In
my last upload of sparc-utils I didn't upgrade tilo (to 0.2) due to this

I don't want to apply such kind of changes just before the release though.  I
guess we can live with it now.  But I think I will work on it for woody.


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