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Re: Directory structure

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> Okay, a nice start. But it still doesn't explain which files (exactly!) to get
> from where (exactly!) for what purpose (exactly!) and why (exactly!). For
> example that rawrite2 is in dosutils/, and that you have to use
> ..\..\dosutils\rawrite2 if you use a "standard" root.bin, but
> ..\..\..\dosutils\rawrite2 if you use "compact". Something this small is easy
> for us experienced users to understand, but so frustrating to newbies that
> they go to Red Hat or SuSE instead. I don't like that either. 

Hmmm, when the docs are finished there should be links to all necessary
files in the HTML install guide, in locations that make it obvious as to
what is needed for a particular install method.  Since newbies are
directed to the install guide, they should not have a problem finding
the files they need.  The problem is when they download everything into
one directory and the install chokes because it can't find what it
needs... but didn't I see a message stating that dbootstrap will now
look in the users toplevel dir if it can't find what it needs in the
proper Debian dir (from Ben Collins, Mar.7/2000). 



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