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Re: Directory structure

On Wed, Mar 15, 2000 at 07:53:39PM +0100, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> makes first-user experiences _way_ better. With the current structure I'm
> really hoping that all of our many reviewers can boot from CD, because they
> will have a terrible time doing it any other way. I don't like bad press.

Many Newbies boot from CDs.
> for us experienced users to understand, but so frustrating to newbies that
> they go to Red Hat or SuSE instead. I don't like that either. 

Do they (SuSE, RedHat - or Mandrake) have a really clean Network
install process?

May Newbies, (or not so Newbies - ordinary users) wait for Debian to
release Potato to buy a CD, or to write a CD. I think that many that
are experienced enought and have enought bandwidth to try a network
install have already upgraded (or will upgrade) with apt.

Thats not because it's a bit difficult to install it that users go to
others distro, is because the release never come. If the release is
delayed two more weeks, more user will go to Redhat & Co. If you
release two weeks sooner with current scheme, they will try Debian. If
they try with a bootable CD they wouldn't care about the scheme, and
will stay. If they try other way, they may be experienced enought to
get in.


Fabrice Gautier <gautier@email.enst.fr>
The software required Win95 or better, so I installed Linux.

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