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rootdisk using romfs

The root image using ext2 is

950859 Bytes compressed
2171904 uncompressed

using romfs it is

944498 Bytes compressed
2100224 Bytes uncompressed.

Thats about 6K savings on the disk, and 71K when uncomressed by using
romfs instead of ext2.

I figure ext2 is being used more for its convienience, but when boot
floppies changes to use a modular kernel this seems like the way to go.

One fs will have to be compiled into the kernel, the rest as modules,
romfs is by far the smallest, so support for other filesystems can
reside in the root image or elsewhere.

Ive also seen in the 2.3.x series that its going to support a compressed
romfs in the kernel, im not too sure, but this may help with
compatability if any bootloaders dont support a compressed ramdisk.

Glenn McGrath

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