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Re: no window manager, no x-terminal, after installing task-gnome

>  I would like it if it would require `xserver-vga16' and `xf86setup'

This doesn't seem right at all...

>  to be installed, then run `XF86Setup' (anXious didn't work; I tried
>  it... XF86Setup is the best one).

if it doesn't work, please file bugs either in the bts or to me directly.
just "didn't work" doesn't help, i'm afriad.

>  After the server is configured, there's "one" more problem...  There
>  is no ~/.xsession.  Perhaps there should be one in the "/etc/skel"
>  directory?  I copied the "/etc/gdm/Sessions/Gnome" script to
>  "~/.xsession".  It provides the best configuration of them all...

There is a default Xsession file:
xfree86-common: /etc/X11/Xsession

why should we provide per-user configuration?

>  `sawmill' was the only window manager I had installed.  IIRC, it
>  started the first time, but did not the second time I used `startx'.

that would probably depend on what your .Xsession is doing....

>  Katchina Tech sells laptops and desktops with Debian installed on
>  them.  (I met them while they were in Portland for the supercomputing
>  convention.)  They have a nice looking `gdm' setup, &c.  Perhaps we
>  can package up something like what they do?  It would be nice if
>  after an install I could start reading docs in an X browser...
>  without needing a week of reading just to find out that I need an
>  .xsession to get `startx' to work, &c. 

you really shouldn't. If you ran anXious (assuming it worked) it should have
everything set up for you. You *don't* need a ~/.xsession for X to work with
a window manager and an xterm. The default one works fine.

> The window manager not
>  starting the second time you `startx' thing is the sort of problem
>  that will lose us a lot of new users.  It's very frustrating when
>  thingsg don't work right.

i've never seen this, hm...

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