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Bug#59256: Inappropriate LAN configuration

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.7

Though my only network connection is via modem, the installation routines
force me into an LAN/ethernet-oriented configuration.  I do have an
ethernet card in my system, and I suspect that is partly behind the
problem.  But the setup shouldn't force an ethernet config on a system
which lacks an ethernet connection (there is no cable in the card)  Should

At any rate, when I finish driver selection, I never get asked "Is your
system connected to a network?"  Instead a dialog comes up (it says it's
"automatic" and refers to eth0) asking about DHCP, and it continues on from
there with a bunch of LAN type queries.

Note: I reported this earlier under 57111, but that apparently concerned a
different problem.  That bug includes some back and forth about exactly
what my situation is; I hope the above description summarizes that.  Also,
this report reflects the 2.2.7 boot floppies.  I also mentioned this in
passing in an earlier bug report (57701), but implied the problem was a
result of my having selected an ethernet driver.  I made no such selection
this time, and get the same problem.

For completeness, here was my driver selection at earlier stages, in the
order I loaded them:
nfs -- failed with warnings about unresolved symbols in (from?) sunrpc.o
ntfs, vfat, awe_wave--all fine
joy_creative -- failed.  Could be my hardware, or a conflict with awe_wave
ppp--fails.  Many unresolved symbols /lib/module/2.2.14/net/ppp.o.  This is
critical for me. (not the subject of this bug report)

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