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2.2.7 slop build (feb11) install report

I installed today's slop build on two systems simulantaneously (using the
compact floppies). 
<va type="plug of the day">
Dink is a http://www.valinux.com/systems/productinfo.html?product=11
and Crashtest is a http://www.valinux.com/systems/productinfo.html?product=2

Both: Busybox syslog is writing "MARK" messages every 5 minutes. Surely that
      is bloat? Anyway, that seems to confuse people enough on fully
      installed systems, I'm not sure why we need it on the boot floppies.

Dink: Weird kernel stuff -- just before the prompt to insert the ramdisk
      floppy and just after it loads the tulip driver for this box's card,
      I see 8 copies of a message about via-rhine.c being copyright by
      Donald Becker. Not really our problem, probably, and nothing new.

Dink: Yesterday's problems with dinstall crashing when partitioning is
      selected from the menu have thankfully cleared up.

Dink: I try to download the base system, and the Ok button cannot be
      pressed. Aha! It's because I didn't put a http:// in front of my URL.
      That is very nonintuitive. If it does url checking on the fly, it
      should pop up a dialog if you hit ok and the url is bad. I've seen
      this bite someone else in a install report.

Dink: After the install was done, and I rebooted, it looked like the network
      configuration didn't take. I had set up the network with dhcp. Unon
      reboot, the network card is detected, I have an ip address, I can ping
      the local network, and dns works. But I have no default gateway. How
      very odd. I rebooted and got a default gateway this time. This may be
      a bug in our dhcp server here, or in pump, I dunno.

Crashtest: No problems whatsoever. Flawless install. Looks like the disk
      unmount problem is indeed fixed; it didn't fsck on reboot. No network

Overall, quite a success.

see shy jo

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