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Bug#57095: new boot disk build still doesn't work


I've created new boot disks from the new 02/07 build;
I've also tried installing at least the modules from floppy,
and succeeded in that. Lacking almost a dozen empty floppies,
I decided to give network install a try, and I got it to accept
my network paramaters, entered my http proxy/port and said "ok"
but then again, I got the "debian blue screen" and on the syslog
console, nothing special happened (that is, nothing at all).

So, same thing as with the disk-based install :-(
there is one error in the syslog that happened before I even
entered the "Install kernel and modules" stage:

Feb 10 19:49:46 (none) user.debug dbootstrap[4384]: umount: Invalid

If you want to, I can also supply you with a full syslog.

CU, Yours Malte #8-)

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