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Bug#57095: Still a problem: Bug #55398

Hello again!

> [Please retain the CC to the BTS]
is the CC to the bug number sufficient for that?
(sorry that I forgot about that last time)

> >So, I want to install the base from a mounted partition and selected
> >that.
> Well, you could also install kernel and drivers from disk as well.
disk is hard disk? Yes, sorry for not being specific before,
but that's exactly what I wanted :-)

I just can't boot from anywhere but floppies :-)

> >  How am I supposed to install from a mounted partition if not
> >by mounting this additional parititon before?
> You use the 'harddisk' option rather than the 'mounted' option when
> asked for install media.

Yeah, I'll come to that in a minute. But, what exactly *is* the
"install from mounted partition" option for then? 

> Um, just replace '/debian' with something else, and then
> browse..... for instance, you could replace it with '/' and browse
> your whole system.
> To say it "can't" exist is just wrong.  On tty2 you can make and mount
> and do whatever you want.
yes, but when installing with option "install from mounted partition",
(a perfectly valid choice, or am I wrong with that?) you can never
get a /debian when staying within the context of the installer program.
And I think that's the point of the installer, taking most of the
work from people who *don't* use the shell to install their system.

Same with "install from hard disk" option... 
/debian is again the default value, and /debian can't exist either
(except, of course you were right, when mounting manually via shell,
but again, the installer can't assume that, can he?)
because the to-be-read-from partition is installed under "/instmnt".
BTW, you're right, this is much more sensible for me than using
the /mounted option, but then again I'd like to know what the /mounted
install option is for.

> Um, you mean, you mounted them in /mnt while you were in the root
> filesystem.  "Mounted in a subdir of a floppy" isn't right -- it's in
> RAMdisk at that point.
Yes, my mistake :-)
It's the RAMdisk of course.

> I don't think it's a good idea to set your mountpoint for you install
> media (where you are installing *from*) to be your target system
> (where you are installing *to*).
yes, but when using the /mounted option you can't do differently
(everything goes under /target, which is sensible when you're planning
to have /usr on a different partition than root in your target system)
and this points us again to: "what do I need "mounted partition install"
for anyway? And why are there no warning signs in the documentation
nor online?"

> I suggest you use the 'harddisk' rather than 'mounted' install media.
see above. And see below for my "harddisk" experiences :-)

> I don't think you *have* to -- it is supposed to fall back on just the
> file name if it can't find the dir/file it's looking for.
> Are you reporting that this broke?
I thought so initially. After a little testing,
I found out that it actually worked the way it was supposed to be
after I gave it the right pointers all along, and when confronted
with an incorrect pathname correctly saying "can't find the things!" on
console Alt-F3.

But when I got no error message at all on Alt-F3 the installer just went
to a blue and almost empty (except "Debian") screen (almost like in
Windows :-))
and did nothing.

OK, I'll just detail my experiences with "harddisk" option you
It worked like a dream, but when asked for "Debian Archive path"
it neither accepted /instmnt/home/mcornils,
nor /instmnt/home/mcornils/debian/.../current.
I mean, I could press ok, but nothing happened (neither in the screen
nor in the syslog on Alt-F3 console)
even if I enter the wrong pathnames, I should get some feedback.

Can I enable debug mode to get to know what exactly the installer

> It's nice to do that but you shouldn't *have* to, you're right.
> Are you sure you tried the 'manual' option (rather than list) and
> couldn't get it to work?

As I found out above, it actually found the files, but did nothing then
("blue screen of debian")

> Yes, it should allow flattened install -- I agree.  Just don't ask me
> to change the default -- flat should not be the default but just a
> convenience accomodation for folks.
OK, fine with me...
BTW, I very much like the new installer! (although I had no problems
getting Debian 2.1rx to run :-), in contrast to now :-( )

Also, I quite agree with Daniel's points from his E-Mail, but I kinda
repeated them anyway herein, so I won't quote it again now. :-)

Any ideas?

CU, Yours Malte #8-)

PS: maybe someone should update the documentation that 
http installation of "base" is actually possible 
(will try that one next, although I probably need drivers floppies
then, too, and have to buy a new floppy disk package because of that
otherwise my ne2k will hardly work :-))

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