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Bug#57095: Still a problem: Bug #55398

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.5-2000-01-27

I ran into the "cosmetic" problems reported in this bug; they actually
me from installing the system.

I booted via floppies (rescue.bin/root.bin) and mounted an empty
partition as root, and my SuSE Linux partition as additional parititon.

When I came to "Installing Kernel", I was prompted for a path.
the default path was "/debian", which did not exist on the boot floppy.
Thus, the selector did not work at all.

Changing this to /, I was able to browse the floppy, finally finding
out that the mounted partitions go into /target.

Now, before I started the installation I copied modules.tgz, base2_2.tgz 
and resuce.bin and root.bin into /home/mcornils/debian directory
on my SuSE parition, so as archive path I selected

Then, I was prompted for "disks-1.44/rescue.bin".
This is strange... I mean, I can only install while keeping
the same directory names as on the ftp server/CD-Rom?

IMHO it would be more logical to ask for the rescue.bin file,
and then try ../modules.tgz as the location for the other files,
and maybe also ./modules.tgz.

Anyway, I created those directories manually. Then, switching to 
console 3, I found out that it was looking not in the directory
for disks-1.44/rescue.bin I gave (that would be
/target/mnt/home/mcornils/debian, looking for disks-1.44/rescue.bin)
but in
a) it should detect the double slashes
b) it shouldn't append all this stuff

Anyway, I tried automatic listing of available directories, but when I
those, it didn't find the kernel. (Well, what was it looking for in the
first place???)

To sum things up, installation from disk doesn't really work in a
logical way IMHO ;-)

Still, keep up the great work on the install floppies!

(BTW, the documentation under /frozen/main... says http install for the
base system
isn't possible... is this still the case?)

CU, Yours Malte #8-)

PS: I'd be glad to help with further testing. Just mail me.. !

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