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Re: [vague discussion] woody boot-floppies plans

>>>>> "Bruce" == Bruce Sass <bsass@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca> writes:

    Bruce> Hmmm, I suppose the biggest change should be getting away from an
    Bruce> installation with a linear feel to it.

    Bruce> Now, lets say, if you could click on a button that brought up a dialog
    Bruce> containing checkboxes for all the setable options (kernel, mbr, system,
    Bruce> dbootstrap, etc.), then click on an install button... and get hit with
    Bruce> a sequence of dialogs that prompt you for partitioning info,
    Bruce> distribution source, etc. (whatever was not or could not be set ahead
    Bruce> of time in the main config dialog).

    Bruce> So, instead of the existing: do a step, check the system, do another
    Bruce> step, check the system, etc.  It would be: define the system the user 
    Bruce> wants to end up with, prompt to resolve problems (missing bits, config
    Bruce> conflicts, etc.), start installing.

 It would be neat to be able to save a configuration to a file you
 could drop on a rescue floppy, and have an auto-install feature.

 The disk can be partitioned from a script with `sfdisk'.

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