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Re: [vague discussion] woody boot-floppies plans

>  It would be neat to be able to save a configuration to a file you
>  could drop on a rescue floppy, and have an auto-install feature.
>  The disk can be partitioned from a script with `sfdisk'.

Hmm, good point with a script to repartition.

If we get fsresize we can resize partitions (ext and/or fat) acording to
a preset schemes

Like we could have an option to do a non-destructive install, this could
just resize/move existing partitions to make space.
I understand parted still needs a bit of work to make it more
cross-platform, but its a good start.

Or desstructive parittioning that just just wipes the old partitioning
and sets it up acordingly. (as a few distro's do already)

But you would still need the option for the user to do it manually.

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