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boot-floppies build problems (Was: Re: [vague discussion] woody boot-floppies plans)

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

    Adam> What problems are you having? Are the build problems?  Have you read
    Adam> the top-level README?  Does 'make check' complete successfully?

 I have two problems here...

 `dbootstrap' doesn't build if I run `make clean' then `make release'
 or `make build' at the top of boot-floppies.  If I cd into
 "utilities/dbootstrap", and run `make' there, it almost builds fine
 -- I have to cd into lang and make C.trm by hand -- and after that,
 the `make build' at the top of the project runs to completion.  It
 looks like the reason it fails is that the `dbootstrapg' is trying to
 build, but cannot find libbogl, because that's not built.

 The second problem is that the C library on the root.bin is not just
 the full C library, but actually larger than my /lib/libc.so.* is.
 It's supposed to be a subset of libc, but is larger than libc.  I
 found that in the root.bin that Adam made, it's really a subset.  I
 don't know what causes this...  I just now upgraded the libc6-pic
 package, so maybe that will cure it.  I'll see later on.

 I will investigate these two problems later this afternoon or
 evening.  I'm off to run errands and job hunt today.

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