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Re: [vague discussion] woody boot-floppies plans

>I think we can help here.  Speakup is a set of kernel patches which
>provide screen review functions for the operating system.  We should
>be able to provide installation for the blind community no problem.
>Well, except for debconf, speakup doesn't currently track highlighting
>without cursor movement.  We have been working to get speech output
>into the potato boot floppies but have had a lot of trouble getting
>the cvs boot-floppies package working correctly.  The only changes
>necessary as far as I can tell is a kernel with speakup and a modified
>keymap tar ball in root.bin.

Yes.  Be sure the kernel is built with the necessary options.

What problems are you having? Are the build problems?  Have you read
the top-level README?  Does 'make check' complete successfully?

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