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Bug#57281: base: Network parameters are changed when dselect comes up the first time.

Package: base
Version: 20000207
Severity: important

I downloaded the boot and root disks, the driver.tgz and base.tgz files.
I installed the module 3c590 and the system accepted my network
parameters.  When the system rebooted itself it could not find my
ethernet card and the parameters in /etc/init.d/network had defaulted
back to, etc.  I ran modconf and it showed that 3c590 had
never been installed.  I reinstalled it, and changed /etc/init.d/network
to the correct parameters.  Now everything works fine.

This did not occur on the January 3, 2000 release of Potato which was
installed in the same way.  The above happened with the files from the
January 27, 2000 release.  I repeated the install a week later and
got the same results.

Clyde Wilson <clydew@clydew.net>

-- System Information
Debian Release: 2.2
Kernel Version: Linux Spock 2.2.14 #1 Sun Jan 16 13:48:57 EST 2000 i686

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