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Bug#57001: boot-floppies: Retrieving the Base system via HTTP conenction through a proxy does not work

>Of course, I may interpret wrong. By evidence, any "normal" bug to the boot
>floppies packages make it in fact unsuitable for release, as this package
>is critical for installation of new machines.... If I make further bug
>discoveries for boot-floppies, I will file them as "normal", as you
>suggested...but I stille disagree..:-)

I understand.   We have every intention of fixing the bug you
mentioned, in fact, of offering two http fetch techniques, one as it
is now and one based on snarf (which can to ftp as well as http).

>Anyway, concerning #57001 and #57003, I will ASAP try the recent version
>Randolph said you uploaded very recently (the disk images aren't there but
>I will install the boot-floppies package and pick up the 2.2.6 version,
>then generate the disk images from it)

The disks are in potato.  Try dists/potato/main/disks-i386/ in a few
hours.  Building your own boot-floppies can be a bit painful.

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