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Bug#57001: boot-floppies: Retrieving the Base system via HTTP conenction through a proxy does not work

Adam Di Carlo disait :

> > Unfortunately, a message saying that the "www.us.debian.org" name cannot be
> > resolved was then displayed.
> Um, well, it should have been http.us.debian.org, not www.us.debian.org.
> The code says it is set to http.us.debian.org, not www.us.debian.org.

My mistake. As I couldn't make the bug report on the same machine I was
working on, I wrote it from memory. And my memory was wrong..:-)

> So this must be your error?
> Please do not file this as severity important.  If you're not sure,
> leave the severity as 'normal'.

I beg to disagree here. The original problem is the following : the dialog
boxes seem to allow users to enter a proxy server when they are "behind" a
HTTP proxy. That's my case. But, when one does so, a wrong message about
impossble name resolution appears.

So, imho, the installation procedure lets users think that they can install
through a HTTP proxy, which is not the case.

For me, this makes the package unsuitable for release....which is, as far
as I know, exactly the definition for "important" bugs.

Of course, I may interpret wrong. By evidence, any "normal" bug to the boot
floppies packages make it in fact unsuitable for release, as this package
is critical for installation of new machines.... If I make further bug
discoveries for boot-floppies, I will file them as "normal", as you
suggested...but I stille disagree..:-)

Anyway, concerning #57001 and #57003, I will ASAP try the recent version
Randolph said you uploaded very recently (the disk images aren't there but
I will install the boot-floppies package and pick up the 2.2.6 version,
then generate the disk images from it)

Christian Perrier
DRIS/SRL Châtillon A-9f10
(01467)34438 - 06 1016 9480
PGP/GnuPG Key ID 30C9348A (DSS)

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