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Re: Recent changes to bootconfig.c

On Sun, Feb 06, 2000 at 05:51:22PM -0700, Randolph Chung wrote:
> > Install root on logical partition hdb5; unmount extended partition hda4.
> > When installing lilo, dselect complains about the logical partition and
> > asks the user to select an extended one, offering hda4 in the list.

Oops, I meant dbootstrap - not dselect !!!

> I'm still not sure I understand.. why would you want to umount /dev/hda4?!

I meant simply to make sure that the extended partition on hda isn't
mounted, or else you would not be able to install lilo on to it.

> you're right in saying that if you do that, and the user chooses to install
> lilo into the partition boot block and not the mbr (which is *not* the
> default) lilo probably won't work properly....

I'm not sure I meant not updating the mbr ...

What I meant is that if root was in a logical partition on your second
disk, dbootstrap would let you install lilo into an extended partition
on your boot disk.  This is good and useful and used to work fine.
It's not a configuration I would recommend, except that dbootstrap did
do the right thing in this circumstance (though accidentally, I think).

I've forgotten my point, but IIRC you wanted an example of how dbootstrap
could legitimately produce a configuration where boot should not default
to root.

> I look forward to seeing what you have in mind -- bear in mind that the
> current default settings with lilo in the mbr would deal with this (i think,
> at least)

I think it's ok for the single-disk case.

> I'm on irc quite often, in #debian-boot. please feel free to drop by.

I'll have a go, but timezones may be against us during weekdays.



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