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Re: Recent changes to bootconfig.c

> Install root on logical partition hdb5; unmount extended partition hda4.
> When installing lilo, dselect complains about the logical partition and
> asks the user to select an extended one, offering hda4 in the list.

I'm still not sure I understand.. why would you want to umount /dev/hda4?!

you're right in saying that if you do that, and the user chooses to install
lilo into the partition boot block and not the mbr (which is *not* the
default) lilo probably won't work properly....

> I introduced the 'boot' variable, giving NULL the meaning that the boot
> device was unknown or unusable and therefore the boot= line should not
> be written in lilo.conf, lilo should not be run and the user should
> receive the "Please ... configure lilo manually" warning.

I see...

> Certainly a balance between flexibility and complexity is required.
> I think we need to be careful that we maintain the booting options from
> Slink, though.  Anyone who needs anything too exotic should know enough
> to switch to vt3 and run lilo from the command line.  Most of the people
> I know who run Linux on their home systems bought a second disk to avoid
> fiddling around with their W95 partitions, and it would be nice if boot
> floppies could accommodate them.  I think we are still a little way short
> of the flexibility/complexity sweet-spot and could gain quite a bit
> through a series of small, incremental improvements.

I look forward to seeing what you have in mind -- bear in mind that the
current default settings with lilo in the mbr would deal with this (i think,
at least)

I'm on irc quite often, in #debian-boot. please feel free to drop by.

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