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Re: win32 http server

On Feb 06, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> Python could be a really good thing to build boot-floppies around, worth
> consideration for the next-generation foppies.

The irony is that Red Hat uses Python for its boot disks; the newt
toolkit, in particular, was designed for use with their installation
system (the name escapes me...).

BTW, I'm installing Corel Linux on a new machine (well, a refurbished
Compaq Deskpro/EN PII-333 from Buy.com's Clearance section) and will
report here (and possibly to -devel) about (a) my experiences and,
more interestingly for debian-boot, (b) whether a potato upgrade
proceeds smoothly.  I'll also do this with a copy of the
SGI/VA/O'Reilly CD.

[So far, my Corel Linux impressions are mixed; the partitioning
program it provides sucks, and it wants to stick everything on one
partition... to the point that it complains if you don't have enough
space on / for EVERYTHING, even if /usr is ~17 GB.  OTOH it is eye
candy :p  I'm having fun using my new KVM switch to go back and forth
from my main system.]

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